Creative Clusterfuck is a freshly born community
whose main goal is to bring the concept of Street Art to internet.
But we also do other stuff, and you can join us on Discord now!

Click here to join the Discord server and discover our "creative minds digital toolbox".

Creativity is not a popularity contest
but a Quest for Unity.


Follow, Join, Support, Participate in the making...​

What you'll find inside the server:

  • - It has multiple collective chatrooms.
  • - Separated pages (or chatrooms) for Artists.
    - Many different type of content
    (Films, Videogames, Graphic Design,
  • Doodling, Music, Tech & Educational, and many more to come...)
  • -Promote your art with the community
  • more efficiently than popularity-based sharing. 
    -Mobilize your team and all the community
  • for new artistic projects. 

Discover Discord

Bien que le serveur pousse à plus de bilinguisme,
le contenu y est majoritairement en français.

(Cela dépend beaucoup des sujets)


We need artists to join the server and bring their personality !!!
We're searching for filmmakers, photographers, illustrators,

concept artists, coders, software & game developers,

cartoonists, fact-checkers, journalists, writers,

video editors, and all other kind of artists to join us!
Also a lawyer specialized in all "artist affairs"

would be an amazing aid in this just started Quest :-)
And of course,

All people are welcome to join us just to have fun

and learn interesting stuff together !